Christmas in Langley BurrellDecoration making

Christmas decorations

On the morning of Saturday 10th December the Village Hall was invaded by greenery. It was in buckets, bags and boxes, on the floor and on tables. No, it wasn’t the invasion of the Triffids, it was fifty Langley Burrell ladies (plus Howard who valiantly made the coffee and mulled wine), with their bits ready to have a go at floristry.

After some expert guidance everyone set-to to make a wreathe either as a door hanger or a table decoration. Secateurs snipped and bulky branches were turned into beautiful creations decorated with a variety of baubles, fir cones, dried citrus and cinnamon sticks.  Every one  was unique.

It was a great community social event, everyone had fun with something special for Christmas as a result.
The event ended with a raffle and a profit of £328 for St Peter’s Church roof fund.

Many thanks go to Joy and Howard Morland for the idea and organisation and to Ros and Carol for the demonstration and help.

Beautifully finished
The mulled wine helped the creativity
Greenery at the ready