Village Show

This year the Village Show will be held on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29th.

Anyone who lives, works or has associations with the village is eligible to enter.
Fee for entry is 75p per adult and 50p per young teen (13-16yrs) or child U12. There is no limit this year on the number of entries which can be made however only one prize will given per class.

All entries must be brought to the Hall between 11am and 1pm, after which the main hall closes until 3pm whilst judging takes place. The Hall will then re-open for tea, cakes and prize giving.
Leaves or root vegetables to be trimmed to 2″ (5cm) of the crown.
Fruit and vegetables to be in disposable containers
Any produce left at the end of the show will be disposed of.
The judges’ decision is final.

In addition there will be a display of artwork, available for purchase, in the Maud Heath Room.

Classes: YT/C to submit 2 fruit or vegetables only, where multiples are required.
Class 1 –
Cooking apples (4)
Beans, French or runner (5 pods)
Cabbage (1)
Parsnips (2)
Beetroot (1)
Potatoes (4
Eating apples (4)
Carrots (3)
Heaviest onion (1)
Heaviest pumpkin (1)
Tomatoes (5)

Class 2 –
Pot plant in bloom
Any cut bloom
Flower arrangement—with title
Tallest sunflower

Class 3 –
Charcoal or pencil drawing
Knitted or crochet item
Watercolour (amateur)
Photograph with caption (amateur)

Class 4 –
Decorated cup cakes (A4)
Victoria sponge cake
Biscuits (A6, YT &C 4)
Jar of marmalade
Jar of jam
Jar of lemon curd
Chilli free pickle or chutney
Children YT/C ONLY
Large cake
Small cakes (3)

Class 5 –
Cardboard Creation – Anything Goes.

29th August 2016
The Show was very successful and well attended on a sunny bank holiday afternoon.
overall the provisional figures are:
Entries: 65.50
Teas 50.37
50/50 sale 21.70
Total receipts 137.57
Less rosettes 35.50

The number of young people participating was disappointingly low, but hopefully next year more will be encouraged to have a go.
Prizewinners were:

Beans: winner – Jennifer Saunders, Highly Commended – David POinton and Charles Fremantle
Carrots: winner – Robert Alvis, Highly Commended – Howard Morland
Parsnips: winner – Mr Maynard, Highly Commended – Robert Alvis
Tomatoes: Winner – Charles Fremantle, Highly Commended – Julia Mannering and Camilla Harris
Pumpkin: Winner – Mr Maynard, Highly Commended – David Pointon
Under 12 Pumpkin – Miss Pointon
Onion: Winner – Pat Wilkinson
Beetroot: Winner – Howard Morland, Highly Commended – Robert Alvis
Cabbage: Winner – Robert Alvis
Potatoes: Winner – Robert Alvis

Cooking Apples: Winner – Robert Alvis, Highly Commended – Mr Maynard
Eating Apples: Winner – Rupert Williams, Highly Commended – Pat Wilkinson

Pot Plant: Winner – Jim Hall, Highly Commended – Liz Williams
Dahlia: Winner – David Pointon, Highly Commended – Bridget Alvis
Flower arrangement: winner – Pat Wilkinson, Highly Commended – Julie Grimshaw
Any Cut Bloom: winner – Bridget Alvis, Highly Commended – Charles Fremantle
Rose: winner – Jennifer Saunders, Highly Commended – Pat Wilkinson
Tallest Sunflower: winner – Julia Mannering

Drawing, winner – Colin Wooff, Highly Commended – Colin Wooff
Knitted/crocheted item: winner – Julie Grimshaw, Highly Commended – Heather Wooff
Watercolour: Winner – Jennifer Saunders, Highly Commended – Julia Mannering
Acrylic/oil painting: winner – Brian Sherwin, Highly Commended – Brian Sherwin
Photograph with caption: winner – Katerina Johnstone, Highly Commended – Julia Mannering

Victoria Sponge: winner – Bridget Alvis, Highly Commended – Liz Williams

Jam: winner – Julia Mannering, Highly Commended – Bridget Alvis
Marmalade: winner – Pat Wilkinson, Highly Commended – Bridget Alvis
Chutney: winner – David Pointon, Highly Commended – Katerina Johnstone

well done everyone